Overview of the Process Sequence

Step 1     Select cutting component
Step 2     Tool assembly
Step 3     Select technology data
Step 4     Complete tool to CAM system
Step 5     Physically set up tools

Tool Components

MDM Tooling has an integrated CAD kernel for displaying tool data. The tool components are subdivided into groups and can be quickly searched and found. Proofs of use of the components are created automatically, making their exchange a breeze. The programmer is also familiar with the current warehouse stock and storage location during program creation.

Unlimited Number of Technology Data

Technology data is jointly responsible for the safe use of tools. A large part of the know-how in production consists of using tools with the optimum technology data. This increases tool life, which in turn leads to lower production costs. With MDM Tooling, this know-how is available to the entire company.

Tool Compilation

Freely adjustable indexable inserts

Indexable inserts are an indispensable part of MDM Tooling.

Freely adjustable cutting

The freely definable cutting tools, such as milling cutters, drills, or turning steels, which you have selected for your machining, are now decisive for the choice of clamping equipment.

Freely adjustable holders

The plausibility check available in MDM Tooling for the assembly of complete tools guides you through the entire process. Only holders that match your chosen tool will be suggested.

NC-List Tool with CAM-Interface

Tools and technology data are completely managed in MDM Tooling. This makes them generally available. Traceability is ensured by MDM Tooling, as changes and usage of tools are continuously recorded.

3D-Tool Preview in Mastercam

The 3D-tool preview in the CAM system gives you an immediate impression of the actual size of your tool. Length ratios can be checked visually to see whether the tool meets the requirements. This saves time because an incorrect tool can be identified the first time it is imported into the CAM system.

Complete Technology Data in CAM system

The transfer of all technology and geometry data to the CAM system takes place in two clicks. Due to the absolutely seamless integration into the CAM system, even changes or replacements of complete tools in the pre-programmed part are possible.

MDM Toolroom

MDM Toolroom is the interface between the digital and the physical world. Here, the digitally processed data is combined and guides the user through the complete process of physical tool assembly. Information on whether a tool has to be assembled or whether it is in stock is to be found here.