Overview of the Process Sequence

Step 1     Select cutting component
Step 2     Tool assembly
Step 3     Select technology data
Step 4     Complete tool to CAM system
Step 5     Physically set up tools

Tool Components

MDM Tooling has an integrated CAD kernel for displaying tool data. All the tooling components can be quickly searched and selected. Tool-holder compatibility is verified automatically, making tool changes a breeze. MDM Tooling assures that the programmer is always familiar with the tooling components’ current stock and location during the creation of the CNC program.


Unlimited Number of Technology Data

Increasing price-driven competition requires that shop managers select the best tool for the process. Determining the optimal tool that produces the shortest cutting time and longest tool life typically requires years of experience and extensive research. MDM Tooling has assembled the knowledge from the best tool managers and developed a product that disseminates this know-how to the entire company, even a novice programmer.

Tool Compilation

User-defined adjustable indexable inserts

The ability to select indexable inserts is an essential function of MDM Tooling.

Efficient tooling creation

The choice of clamping equipment is automatically suggested and managed by the user when selected cutting tools, such as milling cutters, drills, or turning steels.

Optimal holder selection

MDM Tooling’s built-in compatibility checking automatically eliminates non-compatible holders while it guides you through the tooling creation process. Only compatible holders are presented, thereby reducing errors, saving time, and reducing costs.


NC-List Tool with CAM-Interface

MDM Tooling entirely manages tools and technology data. Full traceability of any changes, whether technical or material, is also assured. The recording of the initial creation or any modification for each tooling is available for future verification or reference.

3D-Tool Preview in Mastercam

The 3D-tool preview in Mastercam, or the CAD/CAM of your choice, gives you an immediate impression of your tool’s actual size. Visually verifying the tooling’s length ratios assures that the tooling will meet the job’s requirements. MDM Tooling reduces this possibility, thereby saving you time and money.

Complete Technology Data in CAM system

The transfer of all technology and geometry data from MDM Tooling to the CAM system is done in two clicks. Any changes or replacements of complete tools in the pre-programmed part are possible due to the seamless integration of MDM Tooling into the CAM systems.

MDM Toolroom

MDM Toolroom is the interface between the digital and the physical world. Users are immediately informed if a tool is in stock or requires assembly. If the desired tool is not in stock, the tool created in MDM will generate a tool datasheet and drawing. With this information, the tool crib personnel are guided, step-by-step, through the actual tooling assembly, thereby eliminating costly mistakes.
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